Hearing Loss Facts

Hearing Loss

Having a hearing evaluation by a Doctor of Audiology at Sandcastle Clinical Services can help you identify hearing loss and work toward a better life, full of soundThe World Health Organization recently reported that 48 million Americans have a significant hearing loss affecting at least one ear. Over half of those individuals are under age 65!

Hearing loss left untreated affects social and working relationships, emotional health, mental/cognitive ability, and physical health. Many times hearing has declined gradually and the person may not realize how much they are missing. This creates stress and miscommunication at home and work and decreases quality of life, earning power, and self-confidence.

Challenging activities and social situations become less appealing and may be avoided. Music, nature, and people are less accessible. Loved ones may have to repeat or act as an interpreter. Helen Keller once observed that her blindness separated her from things, but her hearing loss separated her from people.

Good hearing is essential for children in order to develop to their full potential. They need access to the full range of sound in order to stimulate and develop their brains to foster speech and language and social/emotional skills.

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