Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Sandcastle Preschool Physical TherapyWhat is physical therapy? PT addresses large motor skills, concentrating on muscle groups that enable us to balance, walk, and access our environment. Physical therapy can be helpful even in a child’s very early years. Your doctor may prescribe physical therapy for an infant who isn’t reaching developmental milestones such as rolling, sitting or walking. For children facing physical challenges and long-term disabilities, physical therapy can help increase their overall function and independence. Our physical therapist works to improve each patient’s underlying impairments through:

• Exercise to improve muscle strength and endurance
• Balance activities
• Developmental activities
• Gait training

The goal of physical therapy is to help each child make a full recovery, return to their previous level of function, or to learn to work within their functional limitations to become as independent as possible.
Physical therapy assessment and intervention focuses on the following areas:

• Gross Motor Development/Motor Delay
• Neurologic deficits
• Mobility
• Range of motion/Flexibility
• Gait Assessment
• Balance & coordination skills
• Muscle Strength
• Endurance
• Orthopedic injuries & conditions
• Adaptive equipment – standers, gait trainers, wheelchairs, special-needs car seat evaluations
• Home activity programs

Our physical therapy services include:

  • Evaluations
  • Family-centered individual therapy
  • Individually integrated therapy services within the classrooms of our Education Center
  • Consultation

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