Early Childhood Education

Serving Central Maine

Sandcastle’s educational philosophy is that every child, regardless of ability or disability, is entitled to equal access in early childhood programming. Our classes are comprised of children with typically developing skills and children who have special needs.

The mission carried out each day is full inclusion, whereby children are never segregated from peers, even for therapeutic services, which may include speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychological services or specially designed instruction.

As a family-centered, child-focused program, Sandcastle offers year round preschool programming for toddlers and three year olds as well as pre-k programming for four year old groups.

Sandcastle’s Early Childhood Education Center hosts four classrooms offering:
Early childhood education and special education through preschool classes and pre-kindergarten classes.

Our program is proud to have earned NAEYC Accreditation – the mark of quality for early childhood education programs.NAEYC logo color JPEG

We hope you enjoy our virtual open house. If you’d like to schedule a private tour to visit Sandcastle and walk through the facility please call 782-2150 and ask for Jaci!
*Please excuse a couple of spots where our video skips ahead just a bit when stepping in and through gaps in the internet connection.


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Our audiology practice, LA Hearing Center, accepts patients of all ages.

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