Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Clinical Services at Sandcastle include Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Speech and Language Therapy, Audiology and Psychological services. Our team focuses in on early detection, diagnosis and intervention in order to best prepare a child for his or her future. Research shows when diagnosis and treatment occurs early, children have better outcomes and greater success.

Developmental disabilities often involve one or more functional difficulties. Sandcastle offers single discipline evaluations to evaluate the 

Audiology Suite at Sandcastle Clinical & Educational Services, Lewiston, Maine

child’s needs and recommend a course of treatment. In addition, Sandcastle also has a unique approach in bringing together teams of therapists to simultaneously evaluate the child’s needs. This results in a comprehensive evaluation, and respects the limited resources and stamina of the child and family.

Each of our therapists and psychologist are experts in their fields allowing us to offer evaluations for children of all abilities and diagnosis. We work with physicians offices and school districts providing co-evaluations and IEP support when needed.

Our therapists believe a child will achieve goals and gain the highest level of independence when the family is included as members of the therapy team. This insures that newly developed skills are carried through active family participation and team work.

Sandcastle has state of the art clinical equipment and opportunity for family participation and/or observation.

Our clinical team can provide a multidisciplinary approach to ensure clients receive the most thorough evaluations and treatment plans possible.

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Closure Notice

In response to Maine’s current state of civil emergency, and to slow the spread of the coronavirus, SANDCASTLE & LA HEARING CENTER WILL BE CLOSED UNTIL APRIL 24th, TENTATIVELY REOPENING APRIL 27th. All appointments will be rescheduled at a later date. We will closely monitor the situation in the coming weeks and continue to post regular updates on our Facebook pages. Please exercise caution during this public health crisis and stay safe.

During our temporary closure, due to COVID-19, we appreciate your patience as we manage this rapidly evolving situation the best we can—with limited staff.

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