Customized Audiological Services

Customized Services

As a non-profit, we provide objective, thorough, diagnostic hearing evaluations by a Doctor of Audiology. We work with primary care physicians to provide information for medical issues. Consultation surrounding communication, hearing loss, and hearing aids and assistive devices is provided with kindness and compassion.

Pure tone air and bone conduction, speech audiometry,  immitance testing (Tympanometry) (including acoustic reflexes) and Distortion Product Otoacoustic Emissions (DPOAE’s) are available. Test techniques include Play Audiometry, Visual Reinforcement Audiometry, and Sound Field testing as needed for babies, young children and those with developmental challenges. Speech mapping for hearing aid verification is routinely used and there is access to a hearing loss simulator for clients and family members.

Hearing Aids come in all colors, very small sizes and we can help you find exactly what suits your needs at Sandcastle AudiologyWe dispense multi-line hearing aids and assistive devices, swim plugs, and stock and custom hearing protection. Cleaning, re-programming, and in-house or manufacturer repairs are available. We are also available to consult with local school systems requiring educational audiology support for their students.


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We are the Lewiston Auburn area’s only private, non-profit provider of comprehensive audiological services.